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Kwame Frimpong is a Graduate Counseling practicum/Intern attending Liberty University.  Kwame is currently working under the supervision of Pastor Cindy Blocksidge LCSW Care Counseling Center in Powder Springs, Georgia.



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Care Counseling Center is located at:

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Why Choose a Counseling Intern?

While there are very clear differences between a fully-licensed therapist and an intern in terms of what they have completed for licensing requirements, the capabilities of interns may surprise you, Every therapist, whether just staring out, close to retirement, or somewhere in between, has a unique life story and set of personal qualities that they bring to their relationship with you. Because interns are new to the field they bring a lot of energy to the work. Since they are in school they are actively studying the most recent developments in mental health and psychology—maybe even taking classes with experts in the field. That they are actively working with a seasoned clinician as their supervisor means that you will essentially have two therapists for the “price” of one.

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